Recipebooks Every Paleo Needs to Try

Recipebooks Every Paleo Needs to Try

Hello my friend and thank you for visiting my site!

My name is Kalen Smith. I have created this site to help new and seasoned paleos find recipes they can enjoy.

I have dedicated my life to putting my health and personal well-being before everything else. I just didn’t always know how to do it properly. I tried eating a vegan diet for a year and a half, but realized that it wasn’t for me. I started following the caveman diet in November 2011. Going onto the paleo diet was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. However, I won’t say that the diet has always been easy.

One of the biggest challenges I faced was providing a variety of great meals every day. The first week I started the diet I was almost exclusively eating bacon and eggs every day. I believed going paleo was supposed to be a better option but knew that eating that was was counterproductive. I needed more diversity in my diet to keep myself healthy and stay motivated. Most people can’t stick with a diet that is overly restrictive. I was concerned that was what I was going to run into with the paleo diet.

I took a break from being paleo for about while looking into the diet some more. I knew that I would make myself sick if I just ate bacon and eggs while doing my research. I read a number of amazing paleo cookbooks that helped give me some more inspiration. I found some amazing books that had some awesome recipes that everybody can follow. Here are some of my favorite books with great ideas to help stimulate your taste buds!

The Modern Caveman’s Dilemma

Living on the paleo diet has never been easy. Our ancestors had to brave harsh elements and face some of the fiercest predators as they hunted for their supper. Modern cavemen don’t face those same challenges, but that doesn’t make being a cavemen any easier.

People face two big challenges on the paleo diet:

  1. We are exposed to hundreds conflicting messages every day.
  2. We have to find the few foods which are packed with nutrients and have a limited number of toxins.
Living a paleo lifestyle isn’t easy. Fortunately, there are still some crusaders leading the fight against propaganda, heart disease and obesity. Here are some facts you should know about.

Some People Still Know How to Eat Right and Live a Healthy Life

We are hearing more about people suffering from heart attacks and chronic diseases every year. People are desperately trying to live a healthy life.

Unfortunately, most of the advice we hear doesn’t seem to work as well as we think. The FDA, American Dairy Association and the Department of Agriculture tell us what is supposed to be healthy for us. There are a variety of reasons why I don’t listen to their advice anymore.

We live in a world of lies and misconceptions, but some people still know what they are talking about. Great men and women like Robb Wolf and Loren Cordain remain some of our most powerful allies in the battle against obesity, heart disease and other epidemics facing our world.

Finding Enough Diversity as a Paleo

The paleo diet is far more restrictive than the typical Western diet. Loren Cordain estimates that approximately 72% of the food available to us isn’t kosher by paleo standards. You need to accept that you will have fewer foods to choose from when you go on the caveman diet.

I can understand why many people become discouraged when they first try the paleo diet. I would have had no idea how to come up with fresh paleo cuisines on my own. Resources from paleo chefs such as the Mayfields can be lifesavers. Many of the recipe-books I have found have over a couple hundred original meals in them.

Dont Try to do the Paleo Diet on Your Own

The human race wouldn’t have endured the millenniums if we hadn’t stuck together so well. We needed each other to hunt in the paleolithic era and we need each other now. I created this community to help paleo chefs and followers find amazing foods that they can all enjoy. Feel free to sign up for my mailing list so I can share new ideas and recipes for you as they come in. (I will never spam you or sell your email address).